The new landscape for staff capacity

Vancouver ISD uses the Student Success Agency support platform to engage students digitally.

School Culture

A Student Success Network is a sustainable solution to empower staff and maximize resources to create the best environment for students.

Student Success Agency allows us to get more students to interact with our services.

Ms. Aragon, Coordinator at Bernalillo High School

We provide a cost-effective way to extend personalized support digitally using an array of services that increase your offerings to students and their families.

  • Differentiate your district by building a Student Success Network
  • Offer a fleet of digital services to increase after school and at-home learning value
  • Customize support for students and families
  • Provide data and growth information to empower them to make decisions

With SSA, you will turn your school into a global hub of opportunity and exposure for your community. Your students will be able to expand their network to unique in-demand professionals, programs, and perspectives that can help your students transition to successful pathways.

  • Connect students with Success Agents
  • Curate conversations between mentors and students
  • Source personalized resources and opportunities for all students
  • Increase students' experiences, shadowing opportunities, and internships

Our agents are a multiplier for your staff. They make the school day more productive and increase engagement with students exponentially.

  • Multiply your staff with a network of agents
  • Mine for new insights seamlessly with organized data
  • Schedule staff development and training with SSA Trainers
  • Increase staff time and efficiency by 30-60%

We create a transformational feedback loop from impact data that connects student voice to district decisions. Our incomparable data comes from ongoing student check-ins and advising sessions that allow a better pulse on needs and demands. We link data to purchases and allow for stronger future investments.

  • Students produce interactions on network
  • Words and conversations are monitored monthly
  • Agents provide detailed notes
  • Annual Student Voice report to help with end-of-year budget decisions

Amplify your counselors with a success network

Increasingone-on-one advising timeexponentially.

Data shows counselors are able to go from 38 minutes a year to 38 minutes a month.

Our success network connects your counselors to a web of digital mentors to provide more access and advising for students post secondary plans.

Student Performance

Our solutions focus on enhancing your launchpad so your students can produce results in multiple district priorities and outcomes.

My agent, Hope, has encouraged me to do my best in school work and that if you can't really understand it in school it's okay to learn it on your own in a different way. Hope has become somewhat of my best friend now. Even out of school she encouraged me to do my best in everything I do. So far my experience in SSA is amazing and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for me.

Jadzia, Senior, Chaparral High School

Your students are one mentor away from being a success story. Our agents develop mentoring relationships with your high-growth students who are dealing with absences and behavior issues. We link our mentoring data with the impact your staff is sharing to give students a safety net and enable them to thrive. We boost attendance and reduce discipline reports by:

  • Identifying your high growth students
  • Increasing champions in those students lives
  • Supporting students anywhere anytime with personalized services
  • Increasing student accountability by bridging staff and student ambassadors

Increasing touch points and accountability throughout a students' academic career is a challenge. Students will take different classes, connect with multiple educators, and deal with many challenges while enrolled at your school. We allow you to consistently track students' progress by monitoring all student engagement on our network and bridging that data to the growth of the child from first-year to graduation. We improve grades and graduation rates by:

  • Increasing touch points and follow ups in students' work
  • Supporting students with academics and study habits
  • Collaborating with counselors to align credits with graduation
  • Building intrinsic motivation with students by linking school to purpose

It is no longer enough just to graduate students. Your community partners, families, and school board want to know metrics about student enrollment in college and career persistence rates. We help your staff build CCR plans and track students when they are no longer in your classrooms to show continuous results that wow your constituents. We increase college matriculation and career persistence by:

  • Connecting conversations to college early and often
  • Extending school counselors' work through agent engagement
  • Accelerating post-secondary exploration through submissions of applications
  • Engaging and support students through post-graduation

In a fast-changing economy where new innovative jobs are always evolving and old industry jobs are being eliminated, leading students to relevant career pathways can be overwhelming. A Student Success Network links your school and community to the global economy digitally by alleviating any social disadvantages or geographical barriers that limit your students' access to in-demand career industries. We help:

  • Expand your students' social capital
  • Expose students to livable wage career opportunities
  • Connect students to in-demand professionals and mentors
  • Increase students' knowledge of finance, economic growth, and global needs

Helping students understand their emotions, show empathy for others, and make responsible decisions is an ongoing process that needs continuous support. Several states, districts, and schools have started investing in an SEL curriculum and class time. However, unlike core subjects, SEL growth is in everyday moments —across all of their classrooms, during all times of the school day, and when they are in their homes and communities. Here is how we monitor SEL growth in an intentional systemic approach:

  • Scale mentoring through agents
  • Curate weekly check-in and conversations around SEL Core Competencies
  • Align Agent conversations with in-school SEL initiatives
  • Track growth in SEL core competencies through word monitoring

3.6 times more likelyto have PSE in the fall semester.

According to a third-party study by The Vela Institute on our program in Harlandale ISD, students engaged in SSA are 3.6 times more likely to attend PSE in the fall semester following their senior year.

We take your students to and through college.

Our program stays with your students through the summer months to reduce summer melt. When your Seniors graduate from high school, they continue to have access to our platform until they get on a college campus.

After a couple of years of, you know, banging your head against the wall, trying to pull off a successful mentoring program, Student Success Agency came in and kind of gave us a way at mentoring that the schools were able to implement in a much easier way.

Ms. Mcgrath, GEAR UP Senior Coordinator / Program Director, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


We are a leading provider for the GEAR UP community.

Our GEAR UP partners love our multi-year college access platform that supports students through the five required GEAR UP objectives and documents the impact for their APR.

  • Scale mentoring through agents
  • Curate weekly check-in and conversations around SEL Core Competencies
  • Align Agent conversations with in-school SEL initiatives
  • Track growth in SEL core competencies through word monitoring
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